Quad Fuels is a privately owned and independent oil distributor, supplying customers within the counties of North Wales, Shropshire and Cheshire with high quality fuels and fuel services.

Quad Fuels is managed by veterans within the oil industry, who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service – making sure they’ll be there to help when you require it the most.

With the four directors of the company possessing over 100 years of combined experience within the oil industry, you can be rest assured that you’re selecting the optimal company for all of your fuel and oil needs.

Whether you require fuel for Domestic, Agricultural or Commercial use – Quad Fuels supplies high quality fuels to suit every requirement – and best of all, at very competitive prices.


Quad Fuels offer fuel additives and domestic heating oil in North Wales and Cheshire for use within homes, which can tackle issues which can occur within kerosene boilers. This includes sludge build-up in tanks, blocked filters and difficulties with the water effects. Quad Fuels also supply tanks and ancillary equipment for your home.

If you use a cooker which utilises a vaporising burner, or perhaps a jet boiler – you’ll want to ensure that each time you use it, a clean burning process occurs. This can be achieved with the premium grade heating oil, which is supplied by Quad Fuels.

The domestic tanks supplied by Quad Fuels come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit every home, and meet the current oil storage regulations. You can also purchase site gauges and ultrasonic measuring devices from Quad Fuels, allowing you to check your fuel levels efficiently at home.

Agricultural & Commercial

Quad Fuels provide high quality red diesel, road diesel, lubricants and fuel additives for a number of applications within agricultural and commercial industries.

They are also able to deliver these fuels in bulk to an appropriate tank storage facility on your premises.

Fuel Additives

Quad Fuels not only supplies high quality fuel, they are also experts within fuel quality and fuel additives. With over ten years of experience, the staff at Quad Fuels can help you select the most advantageous fuel additives to increase the performance of cookers and boilers which rely on oil to fuel them.

Fuel additives can also benefit machinery and vehicles within agricultural industries. Additive packages can improve the mpg whilst reducing emissions on tractors.

Quad Fuels is an authorised stockist and distributor of the Exocet® fuel additives brand formulated and manufactured by Fuel Additive Science Technologies (FAST).

Service Type
Domestic Heating Oil, Agricultural & Commercial Oil Distributor
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Quad Fuels,
North Wales
Quad Fuels is a distributor of Agricultural fuels, Commercial fuels and Domestic heating oil in North Wales and Cheshire.