Ymuno Funk and Folk festival

Ymuno festival is back for its most anticipated year yet, a real music experience, for only £70 for the entire weekend (individual days available) or under 16s come for free (With a responsible parent or guardian)!

This year Ymuno has Michele Stodart (The Magic Numbers), Riot Jazz, Blue Rose Code, Nick Pride (and the Pimptones) and Kathryn Williams headlining, along with a collection of the best underground and independent artists that the UK has to offer.

People have started to come far and wide to enjoy Ymuno, step away from the commercial big and messy festivals that are prevalent today, and just get back to basics.

Ymuno festival started out as a seedling in 2009 when two friends opened their rooftop terrace to a sweet e


vening with music, food and friends. And from this formed the foundations of the festival were formed, growing faster than those two friends could have anticipated. For the next two summers Ymuno has been gracing north wales with its beautiful tipis and fantastic commun

ity. With community breakfasts, lots of beer and eager dancers, it blossomed into a lovely event, attracting amazing artist from over the UK, such as Foy Vance, John Smith, Rae Morris and Mouse Outfit.

Ymuno was made to stand out from other festivals, in such a way that drinks should be affordable at the bars and food not too overpriced!

For a good and pure weekend of getting back in touch with yourself and making some unforgettable friends along with some cracking music, Ymuno is the perfect place.

The press noticed it after a little while and showered it with praise, calling it a unique and beautiful experience.

Now Ymuno is back for 2013, go and enjoy a weekend of connecting, storytelling, bread making, for a sample of the beautiful poetry, farmers, artists and songwriters Wales has to offer. The only festival that provides a complimentary cooked breakfast!


Picture by http://www.flickr.com/photos/31176229@N06/

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