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The much anticipated and highly-vaunted nuclear power station to be constructed in Anglesey has finally been granted a name and it is quintessential North Wales.

‘Wylfa Newydd’ (or ‘New Wylfa’ in English) is the name slated for the multi-million venture which has been funded by Hitachi who bought the site for a handsome £700 million in 2012 with the intention of bringing Japanese innovation to the Welsh coast.

In a move which will benefit the iconic isle’s reputation and economy, the Horizon group will look to create 6,000 jobs and 1,200 jobs which will be permanent after the build is finished – the kind of boost that has been evident all over North Wales lately.

Horizon’s Chief Operating Officer Alan Raymant had this to say on the news: “Next year our project will start to gather pace in a way that is much more visible to local people, so we felt now was an appropriate time to announce the new name.

“Our proposal is not just about steel and concrete, it’s about creating a new, positive and successful future for Anglesey.”

The workers themselves will be housed within the Kingsland area of the new Anglesey Leisure Park until the site is completed. This coupled with the approval of the leisure park itself (which will also make hundreds of jobs) indicates that that a bright future lays ahead for one of North Wales’ brightest gems.

A public consultation is pencilled in for 2014 with initial formalities being cemented in 2015 after correspondence with locals and officials in what will be a follow-up to the previous Wylfa site that had run its course after nearly 50 years of production.

As a definite prospect for the future, the plant will only start producing power in the 2020’s but by that time, nuclear power looks like it could be at the forefront of power and in turn, so will the beautiful Isle of Anglesey.

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