The New Year sees Welsh oceans to star in campaign to promote North Wales Activities and Tourism

2018 is here and with it comes a tide of new opportunities and excitement all over North Wales.

Wales has for the past 3 years had a featured themed year in order to promote tourism and activities within the nation.

The Glory Years

It is going to be building on the legacy which was began in 2016 with the Year of Adventure which focused on adrenaline fuelled, literary and culinary adventure in North Wales.

2017’s Year of Legends celebrated the legendary nature of North Wales, with its storied history and rich contemporary culture.

Presently 2018’s Year of the Sea continues this amazing trend, which is going to expand and evolve perceptions of Wales. This means flowing the waters of this awesome corner of the world into the foreground of our promotion and for the experience of guests and locals alike.

An Awe-inspiring Seascape

Year of the Sea is particularly appropriate because three of Wales’ four borders consist of 870 miles of Wales’s amazing coastline, this consists of cliffs, headlands, peninsulas, fens, sandy dunes, rocky shores, harbour towns and resorts.

A Wild Adventure

These are all conjoined by the gargantuan Wales Coast Path. Wales has off the shores of its mainland over 50 individual islands, in seas home to ocean wildlife such as porpoises, seals and bottlenose dolphins.

But the ocean mammals and fish aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the seas, with so many activities to try out, this includes sailing, scuba, kitesurfing, surfing, and rib rides.

Events to look out for so far…

World Shores Angling Competition – Conwy County 2018

The world-famous Fishing competition which draws competitors from all over the world is coming to Llandudno and other areas of Conwy County.

Every year wold class anglers flock to the host nation to participate in this major competetive fishing event. North Wales’ waters are teeming with vast varieties of local native fish, it is therefore set to be a fantastic location and a stellar event for all.

Surf Snowdonia – Waves, Mud & Mountains

The world’s first inland surf park is hosting its first ever race, that’s a cross country, through the wave pool and up the side of the mountain alongside the infamous pipes.

Portmeirion – Fest No 6

Festival Number 6 is such an awesome Festival not least because it takes place by some of the most beautiful shoreline in the entire world. Sun, Sea, Forest and Music.

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