Professor Graham with her award

Professor Karen Graham with her Care Forum Award with Professor Mike Scott and Mario Kreft at Glyndwr University.

A TOP AWARD has been handed to one of North Wales’ most prestigious philanthropists and it is completely deserved considering what has been achieved in this professor’s career to date.

Quietly surprised but hugely delighted, Karen Graham was handed the Peter Clarke Award for Pioneering Excellence in Services for Children and Young People at a glittering show in Cardiff during the 11th Wales Care Awards which showcase the premier in charitable names and those who’ve given so much back to the community over the years.

Accolades have been in no short supply lately for members of Glyndwr University in North Wales and one more was celebrating a trophy win after working and evolving the Centre for Child, Family and Society chapter on the illustrious grounds. This just adds to Professor Graham’s background of helping young people in a career of success that has spanned over 30 years of good work.

Prof. Graham was delighted to claim the award on the night.

“I was hugely surprised, I had no idea I was going to receive the award,” she said.

“I work in the health and social care field and am constantly promoting anyone involved in care and support of people and I know the commitment this takes,” Prof. Graham continued, “Attending a presentation night like this you have the time to see and hear about the brilliant work of these people and you cannot help but be touched, so to be part of that was really something.”

“This award encourages employers to take small steps that make a positive difference to carers in the workplace, often helping carers to remain employed and preventing them from sliding into poverty.

“For some organisations this support can be as simple as providing a telephone contact point in workplaces that do not ordinarily allow mobile phone use or allowing carers to set up support groups in their own lunchtime. We have been pleased to receive positive feedback about this award and about how it has helped some carers remain in employment.

Professor Graham is not going to rest on her laurels after such recognition but will in fact continue to work with Dr. Debbie Roberts on a study to show if a child’s interaction with technology has any correlation with their behaviour: a case that’s previously been undertaken by members of Harvard University.

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