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With this list, say goodbye to the uncertainty of internet shopping and the long, tiring car journeys to out-of-town shopping centres. If you’re craving quirkiness, feed your individuality with clothes from the top 5 quirky places to shop in North Wales.

5. Vintage Hearts – Rhyl
Bursting with weird and wonderful vintage garments, Vintage Hearts is the place to go for good quality, affordable clothes. Whether you’re a pin-up lover or into boho-chic, you’re likely to find yourself a new treasure for as little as £10! What’s more, you’ll be sure to come across one-off entirely unique pieces; as many are made in-shop by Kate Benbow, the owner with an eye for style.



4. Spanish Castles – Colwyn Bay
Full of off-the-wall items, time spent in Spanish Castles is time (and money) well spent. This is one shop that you can’t pass by without having a browse, especially if you’re a sucker for piercings. Stocking plenty of ear gauges, nose rings, naval bars and more, it’s hard to leave the place empty handed. Why not step inside? And don’t forget to have a quick look at the clothes stand, for zany t shirts and eccentric maxi skirts.



3. Vintage MaryDei – Denbigh
Vintage MaryDei specialises in classic vintage attire, for a more traditional look. Including a mixture of charming charity donations and bought-in beauties, the shop has a wide range of clothing and accessories to choose from. A quick rummage through the rails is all it takes to transform your get-up, so pay them a visit and treat your wardrobe to an elegantly antiquated update.



2. Merry Moon – Llandudno
Merry Moon will have you up to your neck in interesting trinkets. Dream catchers and incense galore; it is without a doubt the best place to go if you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up. Trinkets aside, there’s plenty of festival wear and a wide range of strangely stylish jewellery. If you’re on a budget and looking for something a bit different, you’re in the right place!



1. Charities – Colwyn Bay
(Scope/British Heart Foundation/Cancer Research/Barnardos)
Colwyn Bay may seem like a fashion graveyard at first glance, but dig deep! As Cancer Research, Scope, British Heart Foundation and Barnardos are all within a 5 minute walk of each other, they are four charity shops worth a look in. Amongst the dreary old cardigans and tattered jogger bottoms, there lies a world of possibilities.

These shops are goldmines for a number of reasons, one being the super cheap brand names. The likes of Topshop, New Look and various other popular brands are not strangers to second-hand shops, and just like the other clothes they’re sold for little to nothing! As well as this, it’s easy to come across something special that you couldn’t find anywhere else, or even a handful of duds to customise and recreate. Either way, you’ll be walking away with an absolute bargain.


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