Make a massive saving on Secondhand cars in Penrhyn Bay instead of getting a new one

Buying a used car can save you a tonne of cash when compared with a new one. No matter a cheap run-around or the car of your dreams – there is a myriad of choice of second hand cars for sale in rhos on sea and in towns all across the world on the Second-hand market. 

However, with clouded pasts and crafty salesmen, you never know if you’re really getting what you think you are. It can be a total minefield!

This guide is your toolkit for choosing the right car for you.

Year old cars incredibly cheap compared with the newer models. Cars depreciate a staggering amount in the first year, so if you buy a car in the second year of your life then you are likely to slow down by half, the second year the average car will lose around 3,750 in value.

Picking a year-old model will dramatically slash the upfront costs. There are exceptions if your picking up a supercar or something else particularly stylish – Brands like Porsche and Mercedes tend to hold their value.

Smaller engines are more efficient

Smaller engines can be cheaper, if you get a 1 litre of 2 litre engines, you may just save money on fuel as a large engine will usually burn more fuel than a smaller one. Engine size is a vital consideration when choosing your second hand cars for sale penrhyn bay.

Petrol is cheaper than diesel

As a general rule, Petrol cars tend to be cheaper than diesel, while diesel engines are often more economic than their petrol counterpart. However, at the pump you are still paying more than petrol.

Manual Cars are cheaper than automatic

Switching between gears is extra work, and particularly to those of us ho are prone to having a little stall at traffic lights. Automatics on the other hand take some of the hassle out of driving, they come at a higher price tag. Automatic second hand cars for sale penrhyn bay in the UK are quite scarce regardless.

Smaller cars are cheaper to insure.

If you’re looking to save more money over the course of the car’s life, the cheapest to get insurance cover tend to be the smaller cars.

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