Anglesey Sea ViewOrganizers of the annual ‘Thundersprint’ motorsport festival are set to move the entire event to the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales – in a bid to add more of a ‘backdrop’ to their festival. The organizers think that the area’s spectacular natural beauty will serve as a huge benefit to the festival, improving the experience that visitors will get to enjoy.

The motorcycle festival has been an annual event taking place in the Cheshire region for the past few years, gaining a fantastic reputation that has been known to attract six-figure crowds. Known to be one of the biggest events in Europe, Anglesey will have mouthwatering opportunities to help showcase the best of the North Wales area, as well as take appropriate measures to give the economy and tourism industry of the area a boost.

Thundersprint prides itself on sticking to its original idea of having a huge, friendly party that absolutely everyone is invited to. Not only suited to the hardcore motor-sport fans, the event is perfect for families, kids, or simply anyone who wants a fantastic day of entertainment. A host of stalls, trade stands, children’s activities and shows that are designed to keep everyone’s attention focused throughout the day are set to appear in Anglesey.

Those of you after an adrenaline fuelled day will have the opportunity to see hundreds of bikers take to the tracks to try and better one another’s time. Visitors bringing along their very own pride and joy will have the opportunity to showcase it, and explore other spectacular motorcycles ranging from classic to modern models from across the world, whilst enjoying the spectacular area of Anglesey.

Proprietor Frank Melling has said that moving the event to Anglesey is ‘the next step forward’ for the festival, as the area has a wealth in scenery, natural beauty, visitor facilities and transport links – that prove vital to the growth and improvement of Thundersprint. Though the event has seen huge numbers show their interests at the festival in the past, with a relocation to factor in, Mr Melling wants to let the event slip gently into Anglesey, allowing it to slowly and naturally become part of the area in the best way possible.

People who travel from all around the globe are going to get the chance to experience Anglesey and the North Wales area, opening their eyes to what it has to offer. Snowdonia National Park, home to some of the most spectacular beauty spots and attractions will be prepring to receive an inflow of visitors due to the festival during May – June time.

The Thundersprint Festival is usually held every May, so keep your eyes peeled for more news on the re-location details and dates, to make sure you don’t miss Thundersprint’s first appearance in Anglesey – 2013.

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