building north walesNorth Wales is on the up as a place where people love to settle down, in no small part thanks to its serene surroundings and gentler pace of life.

To meet demand, it looks as if one of the newest housing associations in the area will be investing more than £21m on new housing, along with plenty of other businesses following suit.

Since their inception in April, Grŵp Cynefin have been making an impression on the sector already and have put forward their plans to bring more new housing to the area all the way up until 2017. The merger of the Tai Clwyd and Tai Eryi will reportedly be overseeing 214 property constructions.

The firm’s first project is already well underway in Holywell with it coming courtesy of Denbighshire based Anwyl Construction.

Cartrefi Conwy and Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd have pledged to create 100 and 200 homes respectively. In addition, the Pennaf Housing Group will be constructing 300 new units between now and 2017.

Wales & West Housing are also aiming to build 297 new homes in North Wales; the large majority will be in Wrexham and Flintshire.

Speaking on the plans, the chief executive of Grŵp Cynefin, Walis George, said: “These homes form part of our commitment to developing sustainable communities across North Wales.

“They also represent the first properties of our 2015-17 development programme, which will see a many different types of home built across the region, reflecting the priority needs of their local communities.

“We’re keen to play a significant role in developing sustainable communities where people are proud to live, and we hope that’s exactly how the tenants of these new homes will feel.”

Councillor Helen Brown also added: “Flintshire County Council is committed to providing affordable homes for people in the area and has made it a priority as part of the Council’s Improvement Plan.

“This development(in Penyffordd) will enable residents to access good quality homes with a reasonable rent. We are working in partnership with housing associations and other organisations to make sure this is happening across the County.”

As an interesting sidenote to this news, it has been revealed that the majority of housing firms feel positively about the future of the industry as opposed to one year ago. Law firm Irwin Mitchell polled local groups and the feedback was positive.

Thousands of New Homes Coming to North Wales by 2017
Article Name
Thousands of New Homes Coming to North Wales by 2017
Thanks to a recent business, North Wales could see a real influx of new home development projects over the next three years.
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