An interesting and thorough survey by the Office for National Statistics has release some fascinating figures regarding happiness in all regions of the United Kingdom. What will come as unsurprising to anyone who lives in North Wales is that this is one of the most content places to be in the country.

A great number of people were quizzed about their lives with subjects such as their satisfaction with life, how happy the felt the day before, their levels of anxiety and how worthwhile they felt their lives were. Happiness in North WalesBrilliantly, the majority of North Wales were lit up green with positivity.

With such gorgeous and idyllic surroundings, it’s little wonder that the people of the Isle of Anglesey and Gwynedd said that they were almost completely satisfied and happy with life. In fact, over a third of people in Anglesey said that they were a 9 or 10 on the scale of satisfaction and happiness – it must be something in the water!

It’s not just the people of Anglesey who are all aglow with positivity however as the studies showed that a third of the people of Monmouthshire, Gwynedd and Conwy were so content that they rated their lives at a 9 or 10. Again, the superb statistics keep coming with the citizens of Wrexham, Powys, Monmouthsire, Flintshire and Conwy were beaming when a third of them announced the value of their lives to be a 9 or 10.

It is worth noting however that some of the people of South Wales displayed some extreme dissatisfaction in general with some troubling opinions stated. Contributing factors include the difficult economy but on a brighter note, Cardiff and Swansea made the top ten happiest cities with the former managing fourth and Cardiff seventh.

Wellbeing SurveyDespite all of this great feedback, it bears mentioning that there would have been some less than happy responses in the survey. If you are in need of mental support through a difficult period in life then a visit to the GP is your best option. The executive director of mental health for Wales, Ewan Hilton, has recently said, “We would advise anyone who is feeling anxious or depressed to visit their GP and ask about primary mental health support services and the range of community and voluntary services available in their local area.”

Below is a graph of happiness for the United Kingdom based on the recent survey. If you have any thoughts on the findings, make sure you leave a comment on our Facebook page or tweet us via @northwalesblog

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