The Feast is Moving to You

Summer is on the way! And with it, a decked out calendar of festivities and events all across the North Wales region, music, food faires, and so much more are on the horizon. But in summer, our hectic personal lives – unfortunately – don’t stop and because of this it can be difficult to fit these events into the diary.

This is a showcase for the vibrant food and drink communities of North Wales. It features local food and drink producers from Conwy, Gwynedd and Anglesey. Each of these events will be – you guessed it – a veritable feast of the best in culinary services that North Wales has to offer.


Food, drink along with craft and entertainment which is topped with delicious treats, delights and a splendid spread of local produce that North Wales has to offer. Each of these local producers and exhibitors are passionate about local food and drink.

So what’s special about ‘The Movable Feast’, rather than going to one of the other many culinary events happening around the north wales region.

Ready your bellies – the Movable Feast is in town!

The Movable Feast will be touring North Wales, hitting every town on the map and bringing with it scrumptious treats galore. This isn’t a case of “Ohh it would be great to get to INSERT LOCAL EVENT HERE but it’s too far away because of A and B.” Well this time – the Movable Feast comes to YOU.

We love this format because

  • The Movable Feast likely has an event nearby to you
  • Available on a number of dates so you can definitely visit at least one – or all of them!

North Wales has a thriving grassroots scene of local crafts and artisan food and drinks which is going down a storm with consumers far and wide in the Instagram generation.

You’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to have the festival come to you! Billed as a ‘FOODSLAM AND SOCIAL’, the Movable Feast has a plethora of dates all across the summer period including locations such as April, May, June, July, August and September.

That’s every weekend for several months.

The programme will consist of the chance to sample some local characteristic cuisine, see some live music, and other awesome activities and workshops to fully immerse yourselves in – plenty to go at for all age groups!

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