Rhyl High SchoolBright young minds at Rhyl High School have put their heads together and come up with a great initiative to raise the tourism profile of their local area.


140 secondary schools throughout the country were tasked with designing their very own airline and all the fine details, including the uniform and the supply chain for a project of its size. The Year 11 students at Rhyl High School jumped at the chance to work with business experts as part of a workshop put together by Welsh Government funding.

Llwyddo’n Lleol (Succeeding Locally)is a project which is aiming to steer youngsters easily into the career paths of their choosing by providing them with some know-how and experience. Anthony Brown and Selwyn Griffith of Llwyddo’n Lleol were on-hand throughout the day to help the students, as well as Liam O’Sullivan of Scottish Power.

“This raises their awareness of the importance of tourism for North Wales and about ways in which we can increase tourism from Europe and so they need to understand which economies in Europe are struggling and which are doing well and where tourists are likely to come from, “ stated Anthony Brown.

“We want them to understand about all the different strands involved and the opportunities that would be presented.

“It’s not just about being a chef or working in a hotel –photographers and web designers would benefit from increasing tourism.

“Scottish Power are here too and while they don’t have direct links to tourism they are a major employer and they can offer advice on the sort of skills you need to succeed in the jobs market as well as how to tackle problems and work as a team.”

Head of the project, Jenni Edwards, was very effusive when it came to the outcome of the day’s workshop: “It was aimed at providing evidence for the Welsh Baccalaureate qualification but also to make the students aware of the importance of the tourism industry to North Wales and the opportunities it provides for careers.

“It gave them experience of so many different skills, from numeracy and communication to problem solving and the ability to work as a team, all of which are important to employers.

“But we’re also trying to get students to think about entrepreneurship and starting their own businesses as a future option as it’s not really happening enough here in North Wales although it is often easier for young people because they have less to lose and the tourism industry offers real opportunities.

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