As predicted, fierce weather has made its mark on the North Wales coast in some unprecedented scenes across the region.

High tides have been engulfing Deganwy Quay where is based with no sign of it abating.

Colleagues have remarked that although the weather here can become quite drastic, there haven’t been conditions quite like these in all the years we’ve been situated here.
The wind is a massive factor for these conditions but as the afternoon progresses, the severity of flooding should begin to dissipate.

The rising water levels have started to affect the surrounding area with many people moving their cars in fear of water damage. What started as light entertainment peering out of the window is causing real concern and it’s no wonder with images such as these below.


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Weather across North Wales has also erred to the dangerous side with warnings going out to coastal towns like Colwyn Bay which have been badly hit. Some people may have to be advised to leave their homes if the assault continues. Llandulas homes have taken the necessary precautions by sandbagging in what looks to be one of the fiercest storms on record so far.

Readers are advised to avoid going outside and those in coastal areas should take the necessary precautions and safety measures.

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