Last night saw the power outage for tens of thousands of homes throughout North Wales after some wild weather struck all along the coast.

Storms in North Wales

Vicious winds are to blame on the 12th of February which have affected a whole host of regions across the UK. Being one of the worst hit by the gales with winds exceeding the 100mph mark, many schools, roads and train services have been halted.

Anyone travelling on foot will have been battered by the winds which had been declared at red levels, meaning that you must “take action” to avoid “danger to life”. After the Met Office issued the severe warnings, the peak time for the storms came in roughly between 3pm and 9pm when it was believed this was when the most damage was done.

The situation is deemed to be so bad that Wales may need military help to aid those who have been affected the worst by the torrential weather. David Jones, Secretary of State and First Minister Carwyn Jones corresponded after the emergency Cobra and discussed sending the Army to assist parts of Wales.

Aberdaron bared the brunt of the force of the winds where gusts of 108mph were recorded. If you were watching ITV News last night, you no doubt would have seen the people of Anglesey struggling to get around in the conditions.

A spokesman for the Wales Office on the meeting: “He told the first minister that, if required, he just needs to ask for military assistance.

“Obviously the kind of assistance will depend on what was needed.

“However, the secretary of state, having attended Cobra this morning, said he would work with cabinet colleagues to make resources available.”

Amid all the weather concerns, the North Wales Police must be applauded for trying to maintain calm throughout the areas. Warning against venturing outside unless necessary, they worked closely with many other public services to try and ensure safety throughout the day.

One of the most dramatic sights during the shocking weather conditions was that of two wind turbines that had caught fire on Anglesey. Situated a mile apart, they are reported to have been burning for an hour.

“We live just down the road and looked out of the window and all you could see was this wind turbine with flames behind it,” said Simon Williams, a local.

Traffic congestion was also commonplace across the area and especially so over the Britannia Bridge where a lorry had overturned. The driver has been arrested on suspicion of drink-driving.

Natural Resources Wales have issued six flood warnings and the Welsh government have released a statement which wish to echo the sentiments of: “We would advise those in affected areas to take care, to only make journeys that are essential and to prepare properly when doing so.”

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