After a fairly glorious summer by our standards here in North Wales with constant shine even in the early stages, it looks like we need to be bracing ourselves for quite a heavy winter with several less than sunny Weatherforecasts coming in.

To keep safe and comfortable during the infamous North Wales downpour, you should always follow some simple tips to keep you and the whole family as right as rain!


  • Make sure you choose appropriate footwear that can resist a good soaking. Sandals and flip-flops are no good for a nasty November chill!
  • Don’t dress lightly. A simple t-shirt and jeans will not protect you from the elements so wrap up in a coat or jumper this winter.
  • Take off any wet clothes. Sitting around in damp conditions never did anyone any good and can have an ill bearing on your health.


  • Don’t rush around. Although the temptation always persists to run away from bad weather, a little slip can do a lot of damage so take your time. Coincidentally, running through rain actually makes you even more drenched.
  • Beware of wet stairs. Again, these are slip hazards and can be a hidden danger. Same rules apply for any indoor area
  • Don’t expose yourself to the elements for too long. The longer you’re out in the gloomy cold, the higher your chances are of being affected by it.


  • Adjust your speed according to the weather and its intensity.
  • Be prepared for traffic. The worse the conditions are, the slower people will drive and the longer those dreaded queues will be.
  • When in traffic, be extra vigilant about the car in front or behind you – the smallest error down to the weather can cause serious problems.

Probably the most important thing to remember when it comes to a rainy day in North Wales is that you don’t have to be cooped up inside. There are so many indoor activities and attractions to get involved in all year long with many of them being simply too good to miss!

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