An impressive figure released recently by a tourism group responsible for the continued success of the beautiful Snowdonian region says that 2.5 million people flock to its surroundings ever year. Being a fantastic Snowdonbenefit to the economy in North Wales, the Attractions of Snowdonia only have better things to come.

A well-established and respected group, they’ve come on far from their humble beginnings in 1983 after the combination of Llanberis Lake Railway, Snowdon Mountain Railway and Sygun Copper Mine. After celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2013, the group has added a 30th member to their conglomerate: Plas Cadnant of Menai Bridge.

Their status as benefactors to the area is plain to see as they can proudly claim that they’ve created 1000 jobs for the area and only looks like building on that. Considering the economic downturn over the last 5 years, their achievements owe as much to their professionalism as it does the natural allure of the region.

The obvious attraction is Snowdon – the largest and most trodden mountain in Britain. With ramblers and newcomers taking to its iconic slopes each year in massive numbers, the mountain’s status has constantly risen and is always a huge profile boost for North Wales.

Couple this with its consistent merging with local attractions (independent and dependent) and its little wonder that the area is so profitable. After an £87.5 million income last year, this feat is remarkable considering its loss of EU funding.

As vital to modern day business as opening times, marketing has played a massive part in the firm’s capabilities and has advanced their reach beyond just North Wales. This has led to foreign tourists arriving to seek out the gems of the area.

This all points towards the continued success of the group and North Wales as a whole with the Chairman of the association, Jonathon Williams-Ellis recently suggesting, “I can honestly say we are looking forward to the next 30 years and hope they are just as successful.”

There’s no reason why they can’t continue from here and with such exciting times to look forward to, Snowdonia looks like it could become the gem of North Wales.

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