Snowdon is set to receive a much needed installation of several stone pillars with markings across the mountain to help keep walkers on track when ascending and descending the glorious mountain.

The decision to install these markers comes after a call for action following a series of incidents where walkers have taken the wrong path and ended up in difficulties, hopefully avoiding the number of problems for these walkers.

According to the National Park Authority, there will eventually be 13 pillars in places that have been problematic for walkers in the past. Each stone pillar will be inscribed with the name of the path at the start point of each of the six main paths leading up the 1,085m (3,560ft) mountain and at points where walkers are known to make errors with navigation, which has resulted in emergency rescue teams being deployed to help find and take lost walkers to safety.

In recent years, the Llanberis Mountain Rescue team has reported that walkers seem to be getting troubled in similar places, indicating that there are areas that may be mixed up commonly. The Snowdonia National Park Authority, Mountain Safe Partnership and the North Snowdonia Local Access Forum have come together to ensure that the project is a success, meeting all the aims and objectives laid out in initial meetings.

The initial phase will see the stone pillars placed at the base of the six main paths with their names inscribed on the surface, which will eventually be followed by the placement of other stone pillars placed in places that have been problematic in the past.

  • The two most recognised dangerous paths of Snowdon Bwlch-y-Moch and Crib Goch will be marked to encourage people not to go along these routes by mistake.
  • Another pillar will be established to identify the intersection of the Llanberis Path and Snowdon Ranger Path, as it is often mixed up with walkers.
  • The summit will have a pillar the accurately identify where the Watkin Path begins
  • There will also be a stone pillar at the summit to identify Bwlch-y-Saethau as walkers often make the mistake of descending the mountain this dangerous way.
  • The stones will be placed on the Llanberis, Rhyd-Ddu, Snowdon Ranger and Watkin Paths and on the Miners Track and the Pyg Track.

Mair Huws, head of the authority’s wardens and access said: “Obviously, we can’t ignore all the incidents that occur on Snowdon.

“Erecting signs all over Snowdon is not acceptable, therefore placing these stone pillars on the mountain is sustainable; it is a convenient way to keep people informed without being intrusive, and will not affect people’s enjoyment of the mountain.

“By placing them in this way, our hope is to create as little impact on the landscape and the atmosphere of the mountain as possible, encouraging walkers to be safe and responsible at the same time.”

The stone pillars are recycled from local disused buildings and the engraved is being carried out by a North Wales based firm.

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