You’re in for a treat! In August, Richard Williams Builder’s Merchants will play host to a marvellous demonstration event in both of its branches in Lladudno and Ruthin.Pics-For-Website45-572x328

Don’t miss out and come and see a demonstration of power tools, welcoming industry experts from two of the best power tool manufacturers, both DeWalt and Marcrist. Representatives from both of these two excellent manufacturers will be presenting some of their latest and greatest products. The Richard Williams Llandudno Junction Branch will host their demonstration on Thursday the 14th of August, while Ruthin will play host the following day on Friday the 15th of August.

This is the perfect chance to have demonstrated to you DeWalts fantastic range of drills and their brand new mesh cloth sanding isc product which wioll soon be avaliable from Ruthin’s Richard Williams, so you have a chance to get to grips with it beforehand!

Disc Manufacturers Marcrist will be displaying their impressive range of cutting discs for use on a wide variety of materials, which always means an interesting and entertaining demo of this exciting equipment.

But its not all about watching machines work, you have the chance to chat to the manufacturers, observe tools in action, catch up with the latest products, some which are yet to be released! Also there’s an opportunity to get hands on with some products so you can decide for yourself what suits your needs.

Events both days start at 8am and will round up around 2pm, so make sure you pop in for a visit, don’t miss out on these exciting events and learning opportunities this August! Check out the best and newest hardware on offer! If you have any existing questions then don’t hesitate to call on 01492 583423 for the Llandudno Junction Branch or 01824 702475 for Ruthin.


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