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The kitchen is one of the busiest and widely used rooms of the house. It is constantly under fire from the cutting and chopping of food, greases and oils, heat, stains and burns. This is why it is absolutely essential to get a high quality granite worktop that is able to sustain the constant usage that it will more than likely receive during its lifespan. Many kitchens in Bangor and the surrounding areas can all benefit from durable granite worktops that are purposefully designed to resist the general day-to-day activities present in most kitchens.

When it is that time to redesign your kitchen, installing a granite worktop will be a sensible decision, and because they come in a wide range of colours and patterns, they will be appropriate in any kitchen design. This style of surface will bring a sense of style and elegance to any kitchen, and will always look fresh and gleam. It can also add value to your home. The surfaces of these worktops are extremely easy to clean and maintain, and it is also possible to preserve its lifespan by using a topical sealant.

They are extremely durable, and resistance to chips and scratches. They are also heat resistant so you are can place hot pans directly from the oven onto the surface without causing any damage. They are also resistant to damage from freezing, thawing, mould and mildew, and work well as chopping and cutting boards as they do not scratch which frees up more space and less clutter on the surfaces. Granite worktops are very adaptable and can also be used in as a coffee table or dining table. It can even be used in bathrooms on the floor or walls.

Get in touch with a kitchen designer in your area to find out more about granite worktops and how they can be a key feature of your brand new kitchen renovation!

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