1912PurpleAngel02As a region, North Wales has always been filled with fantastic opportunities for those in the care sector and has plenty of positive news stories emerging from the area almost every week. It’s brilliant to see a steady flow of positivity coming from North Wales and this time, it’s the turn of the Purple Angel to keep the good news coming.

A worthwhile campaign which has received plenty of backing clout, the Purple Angel project is aiming to make Wrexham the first fully dementia friendly town throughout Wales. As is common, the older population of Wales sometimes suffer from dementia so a campaign such as this to raise awareness is fantastic.

The strategy is simple and one which is destined to succeed. Local businesses who opt up for the scheme will be given special stickers to display on their premises and promote Purple Angels’ hard work.

The inspiration behind the project came from the organiser’s father who had long suffered with the mental illness. Anita Hodge decided to act after the passing away of her father Barry and was delighted with the progress of the venture so far: “I really can’t believe it,  I’m so made up by the backing of Glyndwr University and Coleg Cambria because  I didn’t think I would get this much support,” she said.

“There is a lot of momentum building up now and it looks like my dream of turning Wrexham into Wales’s first dementia friendly town is about to come true.”

The backing which Ms. Hodge is referring to came from the Principal of Coleg Cambria, David Jones, and the Vice Chancellor of Glyndwr University, Professor Mike Scott. Professor Scott was full of praise for the campaign when he stated: “”Unfortunately so many of us are touched by issues to do with dementia, though friends family and colleagues, so I think it’s really forward thinking of all of those involved in Wrexham to be involved in this initiative and I’m delighted Coleg Cambria can be involved.

“We also have so many young people who care for members of their own families who have dementia so raising that awareness of this issue is a top priority.

“We all need to work together and I take my hat off to the people here at Pendine Park, to Anita for the way she showed initiative and the way in which the proprietor, Mario Kreft, has backed her.

“I think there are so many things that are good about the Wrexham area and we’re leading the way in Wales on this issue.”

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