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We’re no accountants here at but even we know that selling something on for £170,100 that cost you £47 to make is a very tidy profit indeed.

That’s exactly what one woman from Prestatyn did when she put up a dress made out of loom bands up on eBay.

Helen Wright was inspired by her young daughter to make the dress which needed 20,000 elastic bands to put together and was made by Helen’s friend, Kathryn Burnard, over a painstaking 45 hour process.

After the auction, Helen said: “I am relieved a little, relieved a lot actually,” Helen said.
“It’s a huge relief and I’m glad it’s gone to that particular bidder because I noticed she has put in several bids.

“Me and Kathryn have agreed that the first thing we are going to do is go away for 24 hours and treat ourselves.

“We will split the money fifty-fifty all the way obviously after PayPal and listing fees have been taken out. It’s just going to be nice to know that I have a bit of security for once and that I can pay the rent this week.

“I’m going to buy my son Peter a car and driving lessons and I’ll stick some money to one side for my daughter until she’s 18.

“Five years ago my husband died and I lost my house and my business so I just want to enjoy it with my family and friends because life is too short and I know that from first hand.”

So, what are loom bands? They are simply pieces of elastic that can easily be transformed into rings and all kinds of jewellery that have quickly become the biggest selling toy of all time. In fact, the Amazon top 20 in the toys section is dominated by them.

Kathryn Burnard said: “I couldn’t watch the end of the auction because I don’t have a computer but Helen kept me informed by text.

“If the money does come through I’ll buy a car for my husband Conrad and help my two daughters financially.”

Prestatyn Woman Sells Loom Band Dress for £170,100
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Prestatyn Woman Sells Loom Band Dress for £170,100
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