Colwyn Bay’s coastline could see major benefits as it was revealed that an investment into creating a brand new sandy beach is in discussion. The plans could see 50 metres of dry beach to partner the current construction of the towns new sea defences and Porth Eirias water sports hub, giving new life to the coastal area of Colwyn Bay.

Conwy county have made an offer of £2M that comes in the form of a grant from the Welsh Government, which stands if the council can pay £667,000. Currently, the Colwyn Bay seashore is mostly pebbled and made of a large amount of rocks, which can sometimes be unattractive to people within the area and those who are visiting the area.

The plans could mean that Colwyn Bay would be the first dry beach location when coming off the A55, which could potentially lead to huge tourism benefits from the North West of England and beyond. The coastal defences are set to make the promenade a more friendly, safer and exciting place, where a building centred around water sports will be in full operation after completion, helping locals and tourists to experience some of the outdoor adventures to be had in North Wales.

Although the news is generally regarded as good, there has been a range of mixed comments regarding the plans, as some people think the money deserves to be spent on other things more important in the area. Some feel that Rhyl’s sandy beach hasn’t done much for them, leading to assumptions that the  same won’t do Colwyn Bay much good. Many people believe the Colwyn Bay pier is in more need of restoration, although this subject has been under discussion for many years, with no ideas or plans ever materialising.

Porth Eirias sea defences are expected to be completed within the next few months, leading the way where Colwyn Bay hope to eventually have a series of renovated and attractive facilities.

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