Based within the picturesque Welsh region of Bala, Scanwel is a distributor of a number of expert solutions in vacuum components, surface instruments and nanoscience on behalf of several notable worldwide manufacturers. 

Scanwel are the UK suppliers of varying products from manufacturers such as: Ametek Dycor Process Instruments (known within the field as the manufacturer of mass spectrometers), Anasys Instruments (pioneers of nanoscale infrared absorption spectroscopy and imaging)

Scanwel also supply products from Atlas Technologies (notable manufacturers of bi-metallic fittings, titanium flanges, wire seals, and a number of aluminium chambers which are cylindrical, spherical, monocoque, plate, and extruded), Createc Engineering Sciences (which in turn manufacture a huge range of systems and components for physical vapour deposition and molecular beam epitaxy applications.) 

Other, more complimentary products are also supplied and distributed by Scanwel within the UK, from manufacturers such as Hemi Heating (manufacturers of heating jackets, tents, cables, fans – as well as a slew of other temperature control options), Imina Technologies (manufacturers of the miBot – the mobile robot which is unique by the fact that it can be coarsely positioned by hand and naturally adapts to changing sample size and geometry), Iontof ( a manufacturer of outstandingly innovative instruments for surface analysis with a number of different product lines)  Kimball Physics (a manufacturer of scientific instruments with well over 40 years worth of experience in the fields of ultra high vacuum precision electrostatic and magnetostatic optics – as well as state of the art vacuum chambers and fittings), Nanonis (also known in Germany as SPECS Zurich – with a very high reputation for their advances in the field of SPM Controllers)

Their range also covers offerings from giants such as NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments (Moscow-based with well over 20 years experience in the SPM Market) , Specs (Surface Nano Analysis GMbH of Germany, which produces instruments for surface science, materials research, and nanotechnology of well over 30 years as of 2017) , Solid Sealing Technology, and of course Vab.


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