Is your best friend getting you down? Kelford Dog Training Centre is here to help with all aspects of dog ownership, whether you are railing against a dog with existing behavioural issues, have a working HPR / Gundog which requires specialist training which is a cut above, or even if you just want to maximise the potential of what your dog can be, the Kelford Dog Training Centre can give you and your dog the skills and the confidence needed to live a long and happy life together.

With a number of bespoke, breed-specific training courses (which even take you as an individual into account!) provided by the experts at Kelford Dog Training Centre, the development of the trust you hold in your dog and the respect your dog has for you is promoted and artfully cultivated to ensure you and your best friend’s future expectations of each other are fulfilled – minimising frustrations.

Established in 1978, the Kelford Dog Training Centre is world-renowned and their team of talented staff are dedicated, professional, and very highly trained, specialising in all aspects of the canine and human psyche and mind, as well as possessing the uncanny ability to see and understand the needs of the dog and also the owner. Kelford Dog Training Centre’s staff are highly experienced and knowledgeable canine / human therapists and trainers.

To embark upon Dog Training at Kelford Dog Training Centre is an act which will ensure the attentions of trained and practised experts for both you and your dog – who will forge the realisation of you and your dog truly understanding each other’s thoughts, hopes and motivations.

Kelford Dog Training Centre can even help you get it right before your journey has even begun. Kelford’s Puppy Selection Service can enable you to have the confidence you need to go into dog ownership with no worries – as they will take on the strain of making sure that you get a good fit.

You’re free of course to select the breed of dog which you want, but Kelford will ensure that you get the best dog possible by sourcing from reputable breeders with quality puppies, as well as carrying out all of the searches required on the family trees the puppy in question has come from. Essentially, you get the fun part of selecting a dog, and Kelford Dog Training Centre do all of the hard work!  

Kelford Dog Training Centre offer so many solutions for your dog, from their luxurious dog training holidays which are set in the heartland of beautiful Wales (where you can both relax and train!) to specific training for specific breeds such as Gundogs / HPR Dogs, Puppy Foundation Training, Pre School Puppy Training, Puppy Selection Service, Home Pet Care, Residential Pet Care, Home Training Visits – and so very much more.  

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