Timeless Concrete Workshops, Created for You. 

These worktops are designed to outlive their owners. Concrete has this innate ability to connect with human nature on and elemental level. When people see it’s simple and elemental properties, there’s that urge to stroke an outstretched hand along the top of the smooth and firm surface. 

But this is all conditional depending on whether or not you go to a quality business for the design of this worktop. And then appears the next problem – where would one go for such a wonderful piece of craftsmanship? Well the answer is Fluid Stone Studio.

Fluid stone studio are the premiere designers of concrete style worktops, designed for hardiness, longevity and aesthetic. Concrete, in our eyes is not a commodity – far from it – concrete is an art form. It isn’t an item of trend or fashion but a timeless material which matures gracefully – with true integrity.

Aside from concrete worktops – We also hand craft sinks, basins and shower trays. all of our products are sealed, water tight and can simply be delivered with anything from a smooth, soft Matt to a high gloss polished finish. Fluid Stone’s concrete is exclusively the highest quality – pure & solid, cast and steam cured in specially designed molds and fittings.

We specialise in inlaying feature focal points so that it looks like it is a naturally occurring thing, for example, geodes, fossils, and crystals into your counter-top. This will then be followed by a grinding and polish of the surface to expose the aggregate. You can also create custom finishes and add your personal mix of ingredients such as a crushed shell, broken glass metal flecks or almost anything you can imagine.

Concrete is a fantastic option or these kinds of installations in your home, and Fluid Stone Studio are positioned perfectly with unparalleled expertise and passion for concrete which will help your interior design and plumbing dreams a fully actualised reality. Build the home of your dreams with the help of this expertly designed concrete installations.

Bryn Derwen Workshop
Constitution Hill
Pant y Afon
North Wales
LL34 6AD
Tel: 01492 623 662
Email: info@fluidstonestudio.co.uk

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