Equipoise Software develop industry-standard Depth Conversion Software (Velit) as well as Seismic Inversion Software (InSeis) for IHS Kingdom and Schlumberger’s Petrel system, specifically. The company prides itself on its unique “No Black Box” stance toward software development, which means that their users can examine, adapt and add to the methods usable in this software freely, based upon their needs. If anything, this approach calls to mind the open-source approach to some areas of the Internet, only this is on a software scale.

Equipoise Software believe that software without limitations based on model or comparability is the way forward and the solution that geophysicists and petrophysicists need with their workflow, and it appears that this rather novel mindset has led Equipoise Software to a great deal of success – with both IHS Kingdom and Petrel respectively making Velit and InSeis parts of their own software as Plugins. 

Equipoise Software products such as InSeis and Velit allow the user to work with high quality data – and their partnership with the very well respected oil and gas reservoir evaluation firm ERC Equipoise has led them to provide a unique library of methods in their Velit plugin which has been unseen from other depth conversion and seismic inversion packages.


In Depth with Velit – Equipoise Software’s Velocity Modelling Solution

equipoise software velitDepth Conversion, or Velocity Modelling, is considered quite the challenge by even the most seasoned oil and gas exploration companies. Equipoise Software have made an effort with Velit to tackle the long waiting times and finicky workflows associated with Depth Conversion, and have produced a product with Velit that treats Depth Conversion as an iterative pursuit.

This allows the user to choose from vast libraries of methods, in order to try out a range of ideas, in order to determine the Velocity Modelling solution that works in that instance. As every prospect is different from the other, Equipoise Software’s approach to Velit has ensured that data is analysed quickly, and far more accurately with it in use.


InSeis – Equipoise Software’s Seismic Inversion Plugin

equipoise software inseisEquipoise Software are a company which keep up with innovations, and they pay attention to methods as they become relevant. With more and more focus being put on Seismic Inversion throughout the past 10 years, the procedure has changed from an optional process which is done at the end of the velocity modelling procedure into one that is very much its own.

As such, Equipoise Software have provided InSeis for IHS Kingdom and Petrel based systems, as well as two full ways to commence seismic inversions. InSeis allows the user to utilise coloured inversion as well as simulated annealing inversions, so that their data is properly interrogated and absolutely nothing is left to chance – providing accurate interpretation and inspiring confidence in the results.


Equipoise Software – A Well Respected Training Provider

equipoise software trainingEquipoise Software don’t develop programs and leave the user to get on with it. Instead, the company hosts training sessions year-around, allowing full overviews of all product features in both InSeis and Velit.

The training at Equipoise Software is anything but theoretical – and allows the user a full overview of every inch of each respective program through work on an actual velocity model taken from the North Sea.

The Depth Conversion Training that Equipoise Software provides is primarily hands on work using both packages – as well as promoting a focus on the work space of both InSeis and Velit as well as facilitating the user to achieve accurate Depth Conversions. 

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