For those who are searching for a pleasant and secluded place to stay in the peaceful serenity of nature. Situated on the outskirts of the village of Tremeirchion in the Clwydian range, Fyfnnon Beuno. The Shepherd’s huts here in North Wales are created for the express purpose of being not only comfortable and cosy, but also very aesthetically pleasing to stay in. The location is only heightened by the gorgeous surrounding area, as well as the unparalleled cultural history which permeates the area. 

Shepherds Huts are a traditional version of the modern phenomena of Glamping, in which small huts are decorated and made nice and habitable for people to stay in.

This is the location of the fabled St. Beuno’s Well, which is known to have healing, magical properties. People have been journeying to this valley for some 1500 years, people would bathe in the waters of the well and then it would heal all kinds of ailments, many generations have visited here. The explorer HM Stanley of ‘Dr. Livingstone I presume’, also lived here, famed for his exploits in rescuing Dr. Livingstone who was off searching for the source of the Nile, and his subsequent memoirs.

The location is situated in one of only five areas of outstanding natural beauty sitting just below Y Graig, a gorgeous local nature reserve which can be easily reached via footpath that runs through the fields. It’s also very close to the remains of Offas’ Dyke, a wall built along the Welsh border by a Saxon king of Mercia in medieval Britain.

Beunos Huts
Saint Asaph, 
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