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Do you love to write and have a passion for all things North Wales? Then we would love to have you join the writing team here at NorthWales.com.

What can I write about?

Anything you like as long as it has some basis in North Wales! We welcome all kinds of contributions, whether it is a local gig review, a top 10 list or an opinion piece on something that interests you. The only requirement is that it ought to be over 300 words.

That’s all.

Why should I write for you?

We like to cover the positive side of the spectrum here as an antidote to the bad stuff you might see from other publications. If you have a great story that you want to get out there or to celebrate a local hero, this could be your perfect opportunity to do just that!

Also, we can assure that your work will be able to reach a possible viewership in the thousands which can only look good on a C.V. Regular writers can also enjoy their own profile which can then link back to other personal resources.


How often can I contribute?

As little or as often as you like. We understand that you might be involved in other projects so there’s no pressure on you to fill a certain quota or write on a particular subject.


When will my submission go live on the website?

We try to be as proactive as possible so any suitable article we receive should be published within 1-3 days.


Will I be paid?

As a community project, we can’t offer anything in the way of pay for any article we receive. However, what we can offer is a great platform from which to give back to the region and to shine a light on what makes North Wales so special.


Interested so far? Feel free to email us at info@northwales.com or simply fill out the contact form below:

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