‘Pupcakes’ – the idea of a 33 year old woman from Pennyfford. After years of making homemade goodies for her dog at home Sharon Ludgate has began to sell these baked goods including snacks which combat bad breath and things as extravagant as birthday cakes which are perfect for owners who love to spoil their dog.

Sharon is confident her idea will prevail because it is very unique and there isn’t anything else like it. She’s been creating these cooked pieces of art for her dog George and pets of family friends for years. But 12 months ago George died, and now Sharon has decided to take her hobby to the next level and start a business.

George would eat anything and everything, and one day Sharon’s daughter Emma suggested that they made him some treats, and so they did and have been doing it for years! After Sharon lost George, friends were still eagerly accepting them for their pets so they thought why not turn it into a business.

The goodies are specially cooked for doggies because here are certain things that dogs can and can’t eat, so specially formulated dog chocolate is used because normal chocolate is poisonous to canines. So far there has been lots of interest and Pupcakes have been selling like hotcakes! All of the ingredients are home-grown or locally sourced.
Treats can even be posted to customers so everyone can be a customer!

So if you have a dog whose birthday is coming up or has been behaving very well why not give him the treat that he deserves?

Pupcakes is fully licensed and registered under food hygiene regulations.

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