Mountain Biking in North Wales

Recent reports have suggested that much respected biking group MTB North Wales are optioning to build a mountain bike course in a disused quarry in Llanberis, furthering on from a recent unveiling of a trail in Coed-Y-Brenin and the Antur Stiniog course last summer.

Is mountain biking in North Wales now the premier destination to be for the sport?

The answer seems to be an emphatic yes. With such a collection of challenging and rewarding trails to traverse, it’s little wonder that mountain biking firms and the riders themselves are always flocking here. The country’s fastest growing sport looks like it could be quickly finding its natural home in the area if it continues to ride on the road to success.

As an integral aspect of North Wales’ economy, the tourism sector is looking like benefitting greatly from this expansion with an already impressive 40,000 jobs in the industry looking like being improved on. Should the plans be cemented and implemented, MTB are looking at sourcing at least 10 jobs for the area which moves the region that little bit closer to its target of producing 3000 more tourism jobs by 2020.

With the vision in mind to attract another 10,000 people per year to North Wales, Gavin Prince of MTB North Wales was effusive about the possibilities from the idea.

“There is a tidal wave of visitors set to come to North Wales, this is the fastest growing sport and this region can become the best in the UK for mountain biking,” said Prince. “The economic potential of this is huge.”

With improvements expected to continue in the Llanberis area as well, Mr. Prince continued to put across some very interesting points when he said: “We believe the new facility would support this and support other tracks because more people will come to North Wales, people want to come to an area where there is a choice of routes and North Wales can become a leader in this.”

“But there would be much more benefit to the local economy,” he added. “We want to bring 10,000 visitors in the first year and then build on that. We want to work with the business community, not just in Llanberis but across North Wales to maximise the benefit from mountain biking in this region.”

An undoubtedly massive step for sport in North Wales, this would be a great boost for its profile but with an investment of £100,000 required, it may be a while before the wheels can get truly in motion.

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