North Wales Transportation Plans

Plans for an integrated transportation system have recently been launched, which includes a North East Wales Metro. It is hoped that this new transportation system will boost the economic growth in the area.

The new North East Wales Metro would consist of brand new bus routes which connect to rail services and other transportation methods, such as park and rides.

These improved bus routes will make it easier for workers to commute from place to place, as well as making it easier for visitors within the area to reach train stations and other hubs of transportation.

The Welsh Government economy and infrastructure secretary, Ken Skates discussed the proposals of this new plan. In the proposal, he mentioned that the improvement of North Wales’ transport was a Welsh Government priority, and that funding has already been set aside to begin work.

He hopes that an increase in direct links to major cities such as Birmingham and London, as well as their airports and train stations will drive the economic growth of North Wales.

The proposal also detailed further transportation improvements across North Wales, including the idea of a third crossing over the Menai Straits and upgrading certain parts of the A55 express way.

Critics of the new Metro system are claiming that these proposals have been in the pipeline for quite a while, with no evidence of timetables or funding being put into place. At the moment, there is no set date for when the work will begin on creating the new transportation system.

With an expected increase in tourism to North Wales this year due to the Year of Legends campaign, increasing the amount of transportation options would help visitors reach Wales easier, as well as allow them to travel to a number of different places within the region with ease.


Article Name
North Wales Metro Transportation System Plans Launched
New plans have been unveiled by the Welsh Government to boost Welsh economy, through an increase in transportations route to and from North Wales.
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