st asaph floodThe victims of the recent violent floods in St Asaph and Ruthin have spent the past few days cleaning up the aftermath of what was a destructive flood that caused severe damage to property and even took the life of a 91 year old woman.

Many victims have been left homeless due to extensive water damage of their homes and property that meant many properties could not be safely lived in. The River Clwyd’s river banks had burst and flooded out entire areas beyond belief, where streets became more like rivers, and residents’ homes became flooded up to their waists.

Flood relief and support has been offered by the RNLE, Red Cross and the Ruthin Flood Relief fund set up by the Mayor Emrys Wynne and the town council, which aims to help residents of the area, including the Glasdir estate- one of the area’s most severely affected. The funding and donations offered by those people kind enough to help out include money, housing, bedding, toys and many other things, showing the ‘family-like’ relationship residents of these areas have.

St Asaph saw a visit from Prince Charles, who met with people involved in the clean up and rescue where he showed his concern and support. The support from local groups has helped people dramatically, but unfortunately for some, finding alternative accommodation in the area has proved very difficult. People have wanted to find accommodation close to their property to keep an eye on it, but lack of available property has not made this possible for most. Some landlords have been accused of raising the rent by as much as £100 more per week in aim to make a “quick buck” as insurance companies tend to bare the cost of these damages.

Victims of the flood described the devastation as it happened as “like an apocalypse” where water gushed through their living spaces. Many property owners have been left in despair as they received a certificate from the Environmental Agency when they purchased their property saying the estate would never flood, leaving them in doubt of selling their home on in the near future. Sadly a 91 year old woman was found dead at her flooded home in St Asaph last Tuesday, locally named as Margaret Hughes, which cast the area in deep sadness. A post mortem examination is taking place.

Although devastation has been extremely prominent in the areas of St Asaph and Ruthin from the floods, relief provided from various groups and communities has shown that through difficult times like these the support will always be there. Mr Cameron paid tribute to the people of St Asaph “who have had to bear some truly terrible floods”.

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