The North Wales area is a great place to spend bonfire night, due to the great range of different displays available within the area. There are displays that take place annually in various different towns across North Wales, including Colwyn Bay, Queens Head nr Llandudno, Bangor, Anglesey, Conwy and many more locations, each in easy access to those who wish to visit. Many of these displays take place on the evening of the 5th November, whereas others tend to display on the nearest weekend to the 5th (Bonfire night).

North Wales Fire and Rescue want to keep bonfire nights injury free, and suggest that people wanting to view fireworks should visit an organized event, rather than set off their own at their own home or friend’s home. The best way to cut down on firework related injuries is to attend professionally organized, public vents – many of which are free to attend or are available for admission for a very small price.

These public displays are not only safer, but help elderly people and those with pets to prepare for these displays, which can be distressful at times, making it only fair to not be lighting fireworks all night long. Attending community events helps reduce the stress as the fireworks are contained to one area.

Carelessness with sparklers at many private bonfire and fireworks displays account for many injuries to both faces and hands – meaning they should never be given to young children or anyone not responsible of using them in a safe way. Many of the firework rockets travel at speeds of 150mph and can travel as far as 200m, meaning they can be fatal if incorrectly set off and should be left to those who are highly experienced and a professional in the field.

Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy this time of the year, where displays of fireworks light up the sky with their beautiful colors and patterns that make you go “wow”! There are a wide range of different displays open to the public, so check out your nearest one for more information on the event.

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