North WalesThere really is a feeling of security that you can enjoy from walking around many areas of North Wales as there seems to be a real tranquillity and warmth in the atmosphere. Any local would already be able to tell you this but it is one of the safest places to live in the UK, according to Police reports.

A steep 11% drop in recorded crimes for 2013 has added to the belief that North Wales is becoming a safer and more crime-free zone for all. The numbers were collated between September 2012 and September 2013 and it showed that the region is performing better than the rest of Wales and England when it comes to reducing crimes.

Recorded incidents of illegal weapon possession fell by over a third from 246 to 156 in the space of a year which is equivalent to 36.6%. Other commendable reductions include “miscellaneous crimes” and public order offences managed percentage drops of nearly a third. Crimes of robbery were also on the fall at 22% decreases.

Someone pleased with the results, Mark Polin, had this to say on the findings: “The latest figures are encouraging and show that we are heading in the right direction.

“We have worked hard in recent months to combat drink driving, burglary, violent crime and serious and organised crime. We continue to find new ways to reduce crime levels ever further. Everyone can play a part in making it more difficult for thieves to operate by marking and registering valuable items.”

Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales, Winston Roddick, added: “Considerable praise is due to the Chief Constable of North Wales Police and his officers for this achievement.

“Fighting crime in harsh economic times is far more difficult than it might otherwise be. This makes their achievement all the more notable.”

If you’d like any guidance on how best you can personally help to prevent crime, the North Wales Police have compiled an essential guidebook here for your interest. 

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