Living in North Wales is a real joy, but it does take a while to get to major UK cities and it can make you feel like you are a long way from the rest of the world. Many people have to make special arrangements to go and visit a city, as they consider it to involve a lot of travelling.

This is largely an illusion as travel times to some major cities can actually be a lot less than many people may think:

Colwyn Bay to Liverpool City Centre: 1 Hour & 6 Minutes

Llandudno to Manchester City Centre: 1 Hour & 35 Minutes

Bangor to Birmingham: 2 Hours & 34 Minutes

(by car)

An alternative (weird) view of North Wales and surrounding areas let’s us see where we live in a new light and also allows us to get an alternative idea of the location in comparison with nearby cities such as Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham. Rotating a normal map and looking at it upside down is cool, but it’s a bit of a mess at the same time – as the labels don’t rotate with it. Hopefully what we have for you here makes it a little more clear!

North Wales Alternative View


Flipping Europe upside down gives us another alternative view of a larger map that makes us think about the location of other countries. These different views give us the opportunity to see the map of Europe from a different angle, which I think is a little more interesting than the standard layout of the map that we see almost (probably) everyday. (Google, Apple, Bing etc maps, books, contact pages, mobile apps…)

As you can see, Germany looks like it’s at the centre of Europe. Things don’t feel too far away now do they?

An alternative (flipped) view of Europe!

Anyway, take something or nothing from this post – either way, it’s interesting/weird to see these flipped versions of North Wales and Europe. Hopefully it made you think!

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