History of Wales Playable in RTS Game Total War Saga : Thrones of Britannia

 Gwynedd Stars as Playable Faction

Wales doesn’t get the most attention when it comes to the international media. However, with the innovation of video gaming that has all changed. The popular series Total War, which has previously featured such civilisations as Rome, Napoleonic Empire, British Empire, Japan, & The Huns. However, now the series takes place on the British Isles with Total War Saga : Thrones of Britannia. This brings the country  is brought to life with unscrupulous detail. In this game you can play as a number of factions which had a big part to play in British History, this includes Saxons, Welsh, Gaelic, or the invading Great Viking army.

You can take control of the Kingdom of Gwynedd as the legendary ‘King of the Britons’ Anawrd ap Rhodri, playing to fight back the invasions of the Saxons who have gained a foothold in southern England, as well as invading Vikings. Another Welsh faction to play as is the Kingdom of Strat Clut (Stratclyde) who occupied the area of ‘The Old Welsh North’, now known as modern day Cumbria and other swathes of Northern England.

A Familiar Battleground

On the map you will notice some familiar places being brought to life as the scenes of large scale battles as the player will fight for freedom and conquest over the lands. Aberfraw, Caernarfon, Deganwy, and Rhuddlan are all settlements featured in the game, with Chester and Oswestry as close neighbours. They have been given some archaic alternative names along with all other place names and Factions in the game.


Change History

It actually gives you the chance to reconquer the whole of Britain for Wales and change this turning point in UK history.

Some will take great enjoyment in that while playing as Wales you can actually change the tide of history and even go on to conquer the whole of the UK by winning a long series of battles and a careful strategic campaign! Ofcourse this is possible by playing as other factions in the game, but its great to see North Wales in the limelight and some good fashioned fun.

You can watch popular Youtuber Lionheartx10 complete the entire campaign and totally conquer the map in the video below!

Watch Gwynedd become Cymru become Prydein.

You can buy the game here : 


Change History

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