Mr. and Mrs. Kreft

Mr. and Mrs. Kreft

There’s has been such a steady flow of positivity surrounding the health and care sector in North Wales of late that it is almost no surprise when another fantastic story is announced. After the announcement of specialist care being provided for in Gwynedd, the residents of the region have plenty to cheer about once again.

Measuring in at a cost of £7million, the scheme will not only benefit those seeking employment in an industry which is looking for staff all the time but will also provide care for those who need it the most.

The number of elderly people who suffer from dementia is steadily on the rise in North Wales and this is something that Mario Kreft MBE recognised back in 2009 when he purchased the grounds of the former hospital Ysbyty Bryn Seiont.

“I am pleased we can now proceed to realise our vision of creating a world class, fully bilingual centre of excellence for dementia care allied to 16 extra care apartments as part of an integrated service,” Mr. Kreft said after the decision to allow extensions and renovations to take place in Caernarfon.

The term “philanthropist” has never been more apt as Mr. Kreft and his wife have been a beacon of charity for many decades. Any couple who can oversee seven care homes, a care company and assist with teaching in the Wrexham area deserve all the praise they receive.

“We have received a huge amount of support for our plans from many people, not least those living near the site and we also very grateful to them for their support and understanding, “Mr. Kreft continued.

“In fact, we are very grateful for the backing of a large number of elected representatives in Gwynedd who see the bigger picture and the strategic need for a development of this nature, providing essential services and creating much-needed employment.”

Dementia is a rising issue throughout the United Kingdom and with 700,000 people currently suffering from its effects, the preventative measures put in place by the Krefts should set a precedent for the whole of the U.K in the future.

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