If you’d glanced at any news publication lately, you will no doubt have heard of the dangers of the craze known as ‘NekNominations’. However, employees at a 3 phone shop in Wrexham are turning the game on its head and making it into something worthwhile for the community.

Emplyees from 3 and Nora with her flowers

After being linked to many hospitalisations and more serious outcomes, there has been concern for youngsters who participate in NekNominations. The aim is simple but the result could be disastrous: after being ‘nominated’, you have to drink a potent cocktail of booze before passing the buck on to a friend to take on an even riskier challenge.

This is why the introduction of RakNomations will surely be welcomed by the people of North Wales.

Meaning ‘random acts of kindness’, you must do nice things for people for no reason other than to try and spread a little cheer. Some of the gestures employees at 3’s Eagle Meadows store have made include providing a colouring book for a young girl, paying for parking at the shopping complex and gifting an old age pensioner some flowers.

“I think the NekNominations are stupid,“ said Vicky Tymz, a customer service advisor at the Wrexham store, “We’ve been doing random acts of kindness because it’s better than a NekNomination. So it’s turning something bad into something good.

“You can either down a pint of rubbish and feel rubbish, or you can do something nice and feel nice. This shows the power of the internet to do good. “I bought a scratch card and gave it to someone. I don’t know if they won. I bought some Macmillan Cancer Research fobs that you put in a trolley, and I gave those to people who were using them.

“I bought a fairy sticker book and gave it to a little girl. She was really pleased.

“Doing random acts of kindness makes me feel really good. We’re going to do it once a month.”

The lucky recipient of the flowers, Nora Atterton, had this to say on her gift: “It’s made me feel happy and it’s done me good when these lovely people came with the flowers.

“I think these random acts of kindness are wonderful. If my husband was down here he would sing a song.”


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