The Victorian splendour of the beautiful seaside town of Llandudno is set for some further revamping inspired by the famous link between it and Lewis Carroll’s muse, Alice Liddell.

Any resident in Llandudno will be aware of its rich buildings, gorgeous climbs and luxurious beach which is what makes it the Queen of Welsh Resorts. Others will be able to point to all the secluded, charming nooks and crannies which are part of its makeup. Some could even point you in the direction of the affectionately named “Bog Island”.

Due to its proximity to public toilets, North Western Gardens’ nickname has just stuck over the years with it being near the centre of town. A stone’s throw away from the Post Office complex and near the retail park, the North Western Gardens already play host to a statue of The White Rabbit which is a popular attraction for all visitors. Other iconic characters from the beloved series are dotted around the town as well. Now though, plans are in place to rename the square to Alice Liddell Gardens in an effort to boost Llandudno’s profile even further.

The head of the ALICE project team, Simon Burrow, had this to say, “The ALICE project team would like to propose that North Western Gardens is renamed Alice Liddell Gardens, a fitting tribute to the young lady who holidayed in Llandudno for many years and who inspired Lewis Carroll to write his classics Alice’s Adventures Underground, as it was then named, and Through the Looking Glass.

“We also propose that the wording underneath Alice Liddell Gardens should read ‘formerly known as North Western Gardens’.”

With an upcoming 2015 world celebration of all things Alice, the picturesque town is looking to be the hub for the grand event and with a projected Alice in Wonderland trail in the works, Llandudno could become even more popular than ever.

A great video showcasing Llandudno’s famous statues

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