Hard Wearing Epoxy Resin Flooring


Hard wearing epoxy resin flooring is often regarded as the most commonly used resin flooring type throughout an extensive range of industries and commercial properties across the United Kingdom. What often goes misunderstood is the fact that there are many types of epoxy resin flooring systems which require a variety of application methods and characteristics. There are water dispersed resin floors, epoxy resin solvent systems, and solvent-free systems. Each individual epoxy resin flooring system comes with its own advantages and limitations. Here we will look further into the attributes of the different types of epoxy resin flooring.

The nature of each epoxy resin flooring system makes them the easiest and most reliable flooring solution on the market that can be applied on site. Their durable finish provides industrial environments with a hard wearing floor that will last for many years. The resin flooring industry within the United Kingdom regards epoxy resin as the safest and most reliable flooring solution. Their “sticky” nature allows for the mixture to bond with existing concrete floors to create a seamless floor with anti-slip properties.

The strength of the epoxy resin is dependant on the strength of the concrete, i.e. the resin floor will only break if the concrete beneath it breaks away. However, the concrete is protected by the hard wearing epoxy resin which absorbs the impact of heavy loads, foot traffic, corrosive chemicals, and liquids. This is because the epoxy resin has hardened to form a completely watertight surface that is resistant to aggressive chemicals and materials.

Should you want to discuss the potential of an epoxy resin floor then contact your local industrial resin flooring installation company. They will be happy to provide as much information as possible and will supply you with a free no obligation quote. Utilise the benefits of epoxy resin flooring in your industry sector today.

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