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Throughout the United Kingdom there are approximately 2 million homes that are heated by using domestic heating oil. Quality heating oil in Conwy based homes will provide the residents of these more rural areas with a cost effective means of heating their home to ensure their families are kept warm during the autumn and winter periods. Here we will look further into the properties of heating oil and the many benefits of using it to heat your home.

What is Kerosene Heating Oil?

Kerosene oil is the result of the distillation of crude oil and is also commonly used within the aviation industry. When refined kerosene oil contains a small amount of sulphur, which became an issue after the European Union’s interest in protecting the environment. There has been a gradual reduction in the amount of sulphur present in both road fuel and domestic heating oil. The difficulties created by the reduction of sulphur in these fuels have been quite significant in the United Kingdom.

However, these restrictions do not apply to the aviation industry. Reducing the sulphur in fuel oils makes the oil more expensive to refine. This then makes the importing of kerosene far less attractive to suppliers, which causes the aviation industry to suffer. Domestic residences have also suffered as suppliers are not keen on importing more expensive fuels to the home oil market.

Reliance on Heating Oil Suppliers

The reduction in general suppliers of kerosene has caused domestic residences to seek the help of a reliable fuel oil supplier. These suppliers pride themselves on their customer service and efficient fuel delivery services. Their price comparison service is the easiest way of ensuring you find the best deals available. A reliable and experienced fuel supplier will be more than happy to take your call and discuss your next delivery of domestic heating oil.


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