How to Stay Warm This WinterThe much-maligned announcement by the majority of the big energy providers of a price hike of at least 9% has been dominating the news lately and has caused quite the stir. To ensure that you stay warm this winter, it could be worthwhile taking a look at some tips provided by, following on from our article about events in North Wales this November.

At Home

A common mistake by people is that the thicker the layers, the warmer you’ll be. This is not quite true as if you wear several thinner layers at once, you’ll be better insulated as it traps warm air close to the body. Opt for a woollen item too because its natural thickness is a great asset.

Additionally, make sure all of your windows and doors are closed so there isn’t the dreaded draft. Closing your curtains when it gets dark is also important as it stop warm air from escaping so much.

Invest in a draught excluder too. A simple little thing like that can make a big difference to the temperature of your house.

Out and About

It’s absolutely vital that you wear the right clothes for the right occasion but you should never sacrifice comfort for style.

Wear plenty of thin layers and get yourself a vest to wear under your outer layer to insulate you properly. Try a simple beanie when you’re out of your house as well and in case of severe rain, be sure to carry an umbrella around with you.

Another important factor is that you shouldn’t be lingering for one spot for too long in the cold. Try and keep moving to help your circulation.

Saving Expense

When British Gas first announced their plans to increase prices, there was widespread anger and worry from the public about how it may affect their yearly outgoings.

If you follow some of these simple guidelines below, you may be able to save you and your family a bit of money:

  • Don’t leave your lights on unnecessarily
  • Don’t leave electrical goods on standby
  • Decrease your washing machine’s spin cycle and heat
  • Boil only the amount of water that you need
  • Unnecessary charging of electrical goods can affect your bill also

Following some of these straightforward tips can help you get through the winter and just make it that little bit easier.

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