crashing waveIt only seems like yesterday that torrential downpour and rain saw havoc being wreaked at coastal towns all across the region. Now though, residents have been hit by a second wave of floods in North Wales in further drama.

The 3rd of the month would have been the day when some employees in North Wales will have relished the weekend after their first week back in work after the Christmas break. However, it soon turned into a nightmare for some after chaos was reported all over.

With train services abandoned, a large amount of people were unable to return home after work and some of those that did may have returned to an unwelcome sight with many towns being ravaged by the dangerous conditions.

Setting a precedent for what was to come in the north, an estimated 30 properties in Cardigan were water-damaged as the floods raged in the town with the most remarkable story being that of a pregnant woman was rescued. After tireless efforts by rescue services, she was escorted to safety.

As the weather progressed, there were widespread reports of flooding in Aberystwyth with the coastal ramparts being battered and even breaking under the pressure of the waves. Many people have been advised to leave their homes and to seek shelter.

In North Wales, the carnage showed no sign of abating as places all over the region reported flooding with Gwynedd being the most-affected by the weather. After the waves easily passed over the sea defences at Barmouth, 60 people had to resort to sanctuary with the Red Cross amidst fears of property damage.

Gwynedd council cabinet member, Ioan Thomas, had this to say on the events: “Council officers along with our partners from the Red Cross worked all night to establish the rest centre and to provide support and comfort to residents including vulnerable and older people.

“Our dedicated staff are also supporting North Wales Police in their response in the area.”

Tywyn was also the centre for some weather woes with water flooding its streets. Possibly the most extraordinary view over the whole flooding episode is that of the waves washing away train tracks and leaving one train stranded in the conditions.

Not on such a large scale but equally as much a disturbance, the weather in Pwllheli brought with it a danger to those in static homes. Gimlet caravan park was badly affected by the floods with 5 people needing rescue.

With similar stories cropping up all over the area during the storms, would encourage everyone to be safe and prepared for flooding wherever you are on the coast.

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