It has been a week since severe weather created terrible floods in the North Wales region, causing havoc to various towns and homes.

In unprecedented scenes, people were made to leave their homes as a precaution with the office also feeling the effects of the Wales storm on the 5th of December. By far and away the worst flooding the area has seen in 20 years has left some devastation across areas with the worst of these being the seaside town of Rhyl.

Among homesteads affected by the freak storm the worst are the seaside bungalows of which 130 were badly damaged, sadly just before the run up to Christmas.

One of the most iconic images of the storm was the sight of many people being rafted to safety by the amazing work of emergency services who must receive all of the plaudits for their brave efforts in the recovery operations.

However, they still have plenty of work to do and with Christmas Day fast approaching, it’s looking like an uphill struggle to return people to their homes or find them adequate housing in the meantime.

Although the population may have been relatively unharmed, their properties have felt the full brunt of the extreme weather with many people still being homeless. Debris which used to be treasured possessions line the streets of the town with many people returning to their homes to find it’s been ruined by the weather.

On the eve of the storm, as many as 400 people congregated at the town hall for refuge and they were joined by the mayor of Rhyl, Cllr Andy Rutherford.

“It’s times like this the community spirit of Rhyl really comes to the fore,” he said, “The support from members of the public and the help of the emergency services has been phenomenal. I can’t thank them enough.

“The recovery has started and it goes without saying the town council will be doing everything it can to help the people affected.”

As Cllr Rutherford stated, giving aid to those who need it most is vital for the regeneration of this much-adored seaside town and with groups on Facebook, charity buckets and fundraisers popping up everywhere, the togetherness of North Wales has never been more evident.

Would you like to lend a helping hand? Then you can donate to the town council via your bank account with these details: Sort code: 089250; Account no: 67005527; Account name: North Wales Credit Union600089, quoting number 600089 and cheques also accepted.

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