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Once again, Festival No. 6 will be returning to the picturesque town of Portmeirion this September from the 7th to the 10th. It’s likely that hotels near Festival No 6 will soon book up, so it’s advised you get planning as early as possible.

The festival is taking place between 7th – 10th September this year.

With an eclectic and fantastic blend of music, arts and activities, this festival is an incredibly popular event which draws out crowds from a whole range of different personalities and interests.

At night, let loose to some of your favourite DJs in Studio No. 6. During the day, explore the mix of installations, performances and art whilst making unforgettable memories with friends and newcomers who share your appreciation for the Welsh festival scene.


The Music

Festival No. 6 is a chance to see some brilliant artists, with last year’s headliners including Noel Gallagher’s Flying Birds, Hot Chip, Bastille and Super Furry Animals. A variety of over 80 music acts performed over the course of the four days, with a combination of both well-known and underground artists featured on each stage.

Festival No. 6

It’s the news you’ve been waiting for – the 2017 line up for Festival No 6 has finally been released. Featuring a range of acts to suit lovers of rock, techno, jazz and everything in between, this year’s lineup is sure to get everyone moving.

The three main headliners this year are American rockers The Flaming Lips, indie band Bloc Party and Scottish post-rock band, Mogwai.

Formed in 1983, The Flaming Lips have made a name for themselves with tracks such as She Don’t Use Jelly and The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song. Their psychedelic and space rock influences are reflected in their live performances, which always feature a range of props and effects – including psychedelic video and light projections, balloons and plenty of confetti.

Bloc Party

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English indie rock band, Bloc Party released their debut album in 2005, which reached a certified platinum status in Britain. Selling over 3 million albums worldwide, their indie rock and electronic sound has gained them an international audience, with popular albums A Weekend in the City and Intimacy. Check out their songs ‘Flux’ and ‘Mercury’ for a taste of what to expect.

Mogwai are a Scottish post-rock band, who formed in Glasgow back in 1995. They’re known for their guitar-based instrumental pieces which feature melodic and dynamical bass guitar lines with added distortion and electronic effects.

Their atmospheric songs and absence of lyrics have made them a popular choice for a number of television and film soundtracks. Mogwai are currently working on their ninth studio album, so it’s likely you might get to hear a preview of this during No 6.

‘Only Human’ singer Rag’n’Bone Man will also be performing, and with his wins at the recent Brit Awards, you can guarantee it’s a performance not to be missed. Other acts include The Cinematic Orchestra, The Cribs, The Veils and Kate Tempest.


It wouldn’t be a festival without a good variety of live DJs, and it seems Festival No 6 has got this aspect covered very well. With live sets from Jarvis Cocker, Hercules & Love Affair and Goldie amongst a huge number of other brilliant acts across the week, your electronic music needs will be fully satisfied.

For those who enjoy arts and culture performances, there’s plenty to watch in Festival No 6. There’s going to be cabaret performances, torchlight processions and even a hip hop karaoke event to have a go at.

There’s also going to be a 50th celebration of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the iconic and eighth studio album of The Beatles. Leading the celebrations will be the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and The Bootleg Beatles.

Festivals should be all about bringing people together and the range of acts which are selected for Festival No. 6 year upon year means that everyone attending can feel included.


The Food

It’s not just the music that makes Festival No. 6 such a popular event. The food menus and stalls are hand-picked by the organisers to ensure that what you’re eating is as enjoyable as the music playing – perhaps even more so.

There’s going to be a collection of some of the tastiest street food vendors that the nation has to offer, with a diverse mix of cuisines to suit all dietary requirements. Dubbed the ‘Street Food Village’, the stalls involved within the 2017 festival are yet to be announced – but there’s a good chance the announcement will be well worth the wait.

Want to try some good, honest local produce? Festival No. 6 is also setting up a Welsh produce market in the heart of Portmeirion, featuring organic produce and artisan food and drinks for you to try.


The Arts & Culture

You’ll also get to experience a taste of local arts & culture exhibitions and shows, which showcase talent from around the region. If you’re waiting for your favourite band to start playing, take a look around at some of the cultural performances taking place around the festival.


The Town of Portmeirion

Portmeirion itself is a stunning place to visit. This colourful town was designed and built between 1925 and 1975, to emulate the style of coastal Italian villages. You’ll find yourself surrounded by colourful foliage and gardens – as well as superb coastal views.


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It’s been the setting for a number of television programmes and films, including the classic 1960s series, The Prisoner, which the festival takes its name from.

No. 6 was a character within the cult TV series, who was trying to escape the Italianesque village. The organisers at the festival however, can assure you that you won’t be in the same position once you arrive – quite possible the opposite.


The Tickets

Tier Two tickets are now on sale for the event, and you’ve got the option of choosing a general admission or VIP ticket.
If you’ll be arriving on Thursday the 7th, the prices for Tier Two tickets are as follows:

Adult Weekend – Camping – £205 (+ £10 booking fee)

Adult Weekend – No Camping – £195 (+ £10 booking fee)

Youth Weekend – Camping –  £140 (+ £10 booking fee)

Youth Weekend – No Camping –  £130 (+ £10 booking fee)


VIP Adult Weekend – Camping – £345 (+ £10 booking fee)

VIP Adult Weekend – No Camping – £335 (+ £10 booking fee)

VIP Youth Weekend – Camping –  £280 (+ £10 booking fee)

VIP Youth Weekend – No Camping –  £270 (+ £10 booking fee)

For Friday arrivals, the prices are as follows:

Adult Weekend – Camping – £190 (+ £10 booking fee)

Adult Weekend – No Camping – £180 (+ £10 booking fee)

Youth Weekend – Camping –  £130 (+ £10 booking fee)

Youth Weekend – No Camping –  £120 (+ £10 booking fee)


VIP Adult Weekend – Camping – £330 (+ £10 booking fee)

VIP Adult Weekend – No Camping – £320 (+ £10 booking fee)

VIP Youth Weekend – Camping –  £270 (+ £10 booking fee)

VIP Youth Weekend – No Camping –  £260 (+ £10 booking fee)


Travelling to Portmeirion

There are a number of transportation methods available to reach Portmeirion, or your chosen accommodation. Both coaches and trains stop nearby, and last year saw Virgin Trains giving a 20% ticket discount to those travelling to the festival – so keep a look out for this years offer.

If you’re planning on driving over, the festival this year is set to feature a park and ride system for those arriving in their own cars. More information about this system will be released in the later months.

For more information on the event, visit the official Festival No.6 website.

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