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From television to reality

Festival No. 6 will once again be returning to the idyllic resort village of Portmeirion. ‘The Prisoner’ was broadcast in the year 1967. This then became one of the greatest loved shows all over the globe. Following this it gained cult status and is still widely viewed today by lovers of the show and classic TV enthusiasts. The big draw for this show was the set, the locations featured in the scenes were so breathtakingly beautiful, how was this possible in a time before CGI? Well the show’s secret was that it was recorded on location at Portmeirion, North Wales.

But no town looks like this, it’s like something out of a dream? Well the story behind this is that it was erected between 1925 and 1975 by Sir Clough Williams Ellis who had become infatuated with Italian building design and architecture. This village sits on the mouth of the river (afon) Dwyryd.

The fairy-tale-like lands are vast and spacious. The kind of environments to be found includes woodland, gardens, seashores, caverns, lagoons, pools, a fort, meres and so much more. Easy to say this is one of North Wales’ premiere tourist destinations.

Photo © rob bishop (cc-by-sa/2.0)

More than ever before

At Festival No 6 this year there are big names the likes of which includes The Flaming Lips, Rag-and-bone man, The Cribs, Bloc Party and much more are set to bring the festival to a new level of awesome.

Something for everyone.

The festival has been defined as the ideal one for those who can appreciate a more comfortable atmosphere. Not to fear, this does by no means mean that this is unsuitable for those who like to party; there are a host of stages accessible at Number 6, which all sport their own types of music, do there really is something for everyone. No matter your tastes you are guaranteed to have a good time.

Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller

Finish the Summer with a Bang!

The festival is the ideal swan song of summer, as it’s in the early days of September it’s the last chance to properly enjoy yourself before returning to autumnal averageness.

This year’s Festival No. 6, we again plan to feature an all-exclusive NorthWales.com review, so if you can’t make the event, never ear as you can be updated with our experience!


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