Anyone lucky enough to visit Llandudno will tell you that they were never short of things to do with such fantastic entertainment all around them during their stay at the historically rich and beautiful town. Now visit Llandudnothough, news has surfaced which says there could be yet another amazing attraction for the beloved area.

An entrepreneur responsible for reinvigorating Bangor’s market has put forth plans to bring his expertise to the Queen of Welsh Resorts in what would be a weekly event. Emyr Owen, once of a fruit and veg wholesaler, has seen his stock rise as of late and is keen to invest some of his know-how into what could prove a great coming together for the community.

Mr Owen lately stated, “It’s been a long-running thing, to be honest…if a site was available, I could get on with it. I think Sunday would be the ideal day, and I think that part of town needs something to pull people in.”

The location that Mr Owen is referring to is the car park adjacent to the Wetherspoons that is housed in an old theatre. It’s fairly uncommon to see the car park filled to capacity and with the market possibly being staged on a sleepy Sunday, there are plenty of opportunities for people to arrive for a deal or two.

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The rough location of the possible market in Llandudno

This intriguing new possible scheme has been bandied around quite expertly on social media with the public’s response gauging if it should be considered. After plenty of feedback, Cllr Mike Priestly was quite taken by the replies.

“I put the idea up on Facebook and Twitter to float the possibility and I had about 60 comments,” he said, “the vast majority of which were supportive.”

Whether these promising plans receive permission to go ahead or not, this only highlights the constant growth and expansion of one our most beloved towns and North Wales as a whole.

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