Emergency services in North WalesWith all the difficulties that the NHS face on a day to day basis, refreshingly positive news has emerged lately highlighting the production of a top of the range ambulance which will be deployed to aid emergency services in North Wales.

The cost of the improvement is reported at about £225,000 but considering it is one of only two in the whole of Wales, its implementation in the north is nothing but good news for equal care across the country.

They will be utilised in major scale emergencies that include flooding, chemical incidents and bad crashes on our motorways. With there being some quite sparse locations in the region, any dedicated team of paramedic specialists being deployed is a massive asset to the health services.

This follows on from the fantastic news of late that a hospital in Llandudno is due a £1.9 million revamp. Considering its aged and almost out-dated interior, the news that a new minor injuries unit will be housed there is an indication of the passion that the investors have for the health sector in North Wales.

As the new command support unit can carry five staff, there will be a wide range of assistance and help available to those who need it with a specialist available for most situations.

This is no ordinary ambulance and that’s obvious by the satellite dish which adorns its roof; essential for keeping up to date with the latest emergencies and for analysing vital databases.

Upon arrival at the scene, the unit can then record and survey the emergency if it is one that poses a threat to others before a critical decision is made on the right measure to take.

A leading officer for the initiative, Patrick Rees, had this to say on the news: “The introduction of these vehicles demonstrates the trust’s commitment to ensuring it is prepared to respond to major incidents. After several months in the making, we are delighted that our Command Support Units are finally in operation.”

There are already a few popular events which the service is in the pipeline to assist and those include the Anglesey Winter Show and the Royal Welsh Show which each are expected to have attendees above the hundreds.

Although not usually an event laced with health issues, you’d expect to see the services at other annual celebrations such as the Conwy Feast in the near future.

Amidst all of the bad press the national health services have been getting lately, it really is fantastic to see such positivity emerging from North Wales.

“NWAS ambulance and patient carrier” by www.flickr.com/photos/78170556@N08/

License available at creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en_GB

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