We here at NorthWales.com do not envy the task one businessman is putting himself through for a good cause at the end of the month.


The weather in North Wales will never be quite tropical and even less so our waters so to take a plunge in them before summer’s even kicked off? A brave decision indeed by Dafydd Hardy but one that’s raising money for an excellent charity in the process.

The property expert will be diving into the less than accommodating waters in Conwy’s Quay Marina during the All Wales Boat Show. The event will also be a great chance to showcase the talent of two dogs known as the St Bernards of the Sea thank to their lifesaving abilities – the pair will be jumping in after Mr. Hardy and “saving” his life!

Mr. Hardy hopes to raise at least £500 for Gafael Law who are one of the country’s foremost charities for children and their families that are dealing with cancer. When you considering that the Newfoundland dogs have raised over £1million for charity over the past 25 years, you’d expect Dafydd to reach his goal.

Dafydd on the upcoming charity stunt: “I’ve agreed to be thrown into the waters of the marina during the show and then be saved by two huge Newfoundland dogs.

“I’m told they have been specially trained in waterborne rescue techniques – and I’m just hoping that’s true!

“I’m quite looking forward to doing it but I have to admit that it’s with some trepidation.

“I’ll be wearing a special dry suit and I’m not too bad a swimmer. I also go to the gym quite regularly and keep a decent level of fitness so that should help. During the rescue I’ll be thinking what a fantastic charity I’m raising money for and hope I can eventually hand over at least £500 to them.

“Gafael Llaw was set up quite recently by a group of members at Caernarfon Rugby Club specifically to support children with cancer and their families.”

The countdown to the All Wales Boat Show is already well underway and there’s now just a week to wait until the nautical fun begins. It was estimated that last year’s event brought in a staggering £1million for regional business and this year’s event looks to build upon that success.

If you’re looking for the perfect weekend of activities which include water sports,  cruises, exhibitions, stalls and more, be sure to visit the All Wales Boat Show from the 30th of May until the 1st of June.

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