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Shining a light on some living Welsh Composers

Ensemble Cymru have teamed up with Composers of Wales to shine a bright and glorious spotlight on three Welsh composers this spring. Three composers have been selected to be the first to showcase their talents and catalogues in a special pre-concert events during Ensemble Cymru’s extensive national tour of Classical music concerts Wales this |May.

The three selected composers who have earned their place include Gareth Churchill, Rhian Samuel, and Guto Pryderi Puw who will each have their winning music performed by Ensemble Cymru during a composer spotlight. Composers present at each of the 30-minute events across wales will be treated to an exclusive opportunity to meet these great composers and hear their Classical music Wales with their own ears 

The dates are as follows –

Composers Spotlight Events

May 4th 6pm, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. Composer Spotlight: music for cello, double bass and harp composed and presented by GARETH CHURCHILL.

May 6th, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, 2pm. Composer Spotlight: music for clarinet, harp and flute composed and presented by RHIAN SAMUEL.

May 13th, Pontio, Bangor, 2pm. Composer Spotlight: music for flute, clarinet and harp composed and presented by GUTO PRYDERI PUW.

Working with the composers of wales to bring living wales composers to life in a spectacular and organic fashion is what Ensemble Wales lives and breathes for, so this is a fantastic opportunity to see Wales’ outstanding musical repertoire in its full form and glory. The mission of the organisation is to raise the profile of Wales’ musical heritage and contemporary tunings through the infinite medium of music. Fans of history art and culture can rejoice in such a marvellous selection of shows.

The shows should meet their aim of bringing publicity and attention to Welsh Composers using Welsh musicians within Wales and making such a lousy noise as to be heard far away in the wider UK and internationally distinct realms. The programmes will be recorded, and the composers will be present at the concert which are featuring their music which meant that they will be able to interact with the musicians, conductors and they audience. Ensemble Cymru will also have the opportunity and challenge to expand their musical repertoire and listeners will have the rare opportunity to witness something truly different.


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